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Montview NC Locksmith Store has become an integral member in the community of Montview, and the surrounding areas of Winston-Salem, by consistently delivering exemplary residential locksmith services, establishing their services as trustworthy, dependable and professional. Our highly trained technicians are on the road, driving vehicles from our mobile service fleet that are filled with everything needed to provide our community with outstanding service.

Because we are always on the road in Winston-Salem, there is always a locksmith near you who arrives quickly, providing everything from 24 hour emergency locksmith services to design and implementation of master key systems, which are perfect for home offices. Whatever our community members need, we are here for them, ready to assist with emergency house lockouts, changing locks for residential homes, new lock installation on doors and many other locksmith services. Call us at 336-592-7018 to schedule your free security consultation or for any locksmith and security service.

Broken Locks

A broken residential lock is so frustrating and inconvenient. Even if you baby it along, pushing and twisting and lifting, eventually not only will your lock still be broken, but chances are you snapped the key. When you find yourself holding half a key and thinking how you really didn't need this to happen, today of all days with your deadline looming for your presentation. But because of the outstanding reputation for prompt, expedient services, you immediately think to call Montview NC Locksmith Store. With their fleet of mobile service vehicles on the road 24/7, you know that a professional locksmith is close to you, and highly skilled in both key extraction and damaged lock repair and emergency house lockout services in Winston-Salem.

Lost Keys

Losing your keys doesn't have to be the end of the world. Your locksmith professionals at Montview NC Locksmith Store are well equipped to fabricate replacement keys right at your door. If there is a concern that someone may use the keys to gain entry into the residence, your technician may recommend rekeying locks on doors, or even changing locks for residential homes in our community,Montview. Our 24 hour, 365 day services are only possible because of the dedication of our locksmiths, whose sincere efforts to keep our community safe has garnered them a reputation for providing reliable, trusted, professional locksmith services. 

Emergency Lock Changes

Needing to have an emergency lock change can feel very unsettling. Whether you have lost your keys, had someone move out or have concerns regarding the number of copied keys and who is in possession of them can be quite distracting. So you take comfort in the fact that your local locksmith, Montview NC Locksmith Store, is only a phone call away.  With our  24/7 availability, your worries ease because you know your locksmith professional will arrive quickly with all the tools needed stocked in the mobile service fleet vehicle, changing your locks with a quickness to ensure your security during your emergency house lockout service call.

Changing locks for residential homes in Montview is one of the services that Montview NC Locksmith Store specializes in. Our residential specialists can help you with emergency house lockout services, changing locks for residential homes, new lock installation on doors as well as many other security services such as:

  • Apartment lockouts
  • Exterior and interior residential lockouts
  • Lock changes and rekeying
  • New lock installation
  • Master key systems and more

Call Montview NC Locksmith Store today at 336-592-7018 and schedule your free security consultation and if you need emergency locksmith services.